Successful Seeding

Grass Seeding using Conventional or Hydroseeding Techniques

When preparing lawns and grass areas, whilst we often use turf for instant results, if you have the time and perhaps your budget is tight, grass seeding is a good alternative.

Preparation is the key. We clear stones, debris and weeds, not with a residual weed killer but by conventional manual means. We then rotovate and cultivate the surface, level or roll. Then we rake the area several times and in different directions, ready for planting.

We use quality seed of the right type and grade to produce the type of lawn or area that you require. Generally, we will distribute between 20g and 40g per square meter, depending on whether the lawn is to be ornamental or for utility use. Each seed mix will come with a recommended density per square meter sowing rate and we adhere to these densities.

We use both conventional seeding and also hydroseeding techniques, favouring the latter, for speed and evenness of nutrient distribution.  Hydroseeding is the process of combining seed, mulch, fertiliser, and healthy soil with water to form a thick slurry. This is then applied under pressure to the surface to promote speedy seed germination and lawn development.

Some benefits of hydroseeding include that it is more cost-effective than turf laying or handseeding, requiring less manpower than other types of lawn installation. The technique also prevents wash-out, typically experienced by hand-seeding, and provides better seed distribution. Germination is faster & controlled because of moisture retention.

Hydroseeding also helps to reduce soil erosion and improve soil stabilisation through highly developed mulches and binders. A properly hydroseeded and watered lawn will start to grow in about 7 days, and under normal conditions, will be fully established and ready to mow in 3-4 weeks.

The best time to sow grass seed is in March/April and September/October, when dew occurs for moisture and temperatures are typically best for germination. However, we can advise on a particular site or use turf laying as an alternative at other times.

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