Landscape Services

Soft landscaping specialists

Creating a green space, or landscaping any environment often requires several different skills, all of which we can provide at PLC. What follows is a non-exhaustive list of our primary, most commonly sought-after landscaping services. However, our professional landscapers and specialists are all multi-skilled, so whatever the vision you have for your green space, we are confident that we will be able to create it.

We are a team of professional soft landscapers, with vast experience in all areas. We have access to the finest quality trees, plants and shrubbery from across the UK, Europe and beyond. We can order, organise delivery and plant trees and other greenery of various sizes too, enabling you to have your green space as you envision it from the very start. All ordered and installed according to the original landscape architect drawings. Working closely with your original designs and after visiting your site, we are able to assess just what we need to order and accurately calculate the costs involved.

Turfing / Seeding

Turfing is often the very backbone of a beautiful and ecologically sound environment. PLC use only the very best quality turf, and only the most qualified and experienced landscapers to lay it. Seeding is always an option too. Sometimes it’s more appropriate to develop existing lawns, meadows and other green areas. We can advise on the best choice of seeds that fit with the existing environment in order to

Planting, Forestation and Reinstating Indigenous Plants

Our landscapers are experienced in planting seasonal bulbs, herbaceous borders, all other plants, shrubs and trees. It’s another standard soft landscaping practice. If you wish, this can also include the careful reinstatement of plants and trees in order to expand existing areas, with a view to improving the overall environment to encourage natural development. With PLC you really can sculp nature! Contact us today and ask about our practical, low maintenance artificial turf.

Rooftop Gardens

At PLC we develop rooftop gardens that will make you forget you’re on the roof! Rooftop gardens have become a necessary trend in London in recent years, oxygenating as well as beautifying even the most modest spaces. And when you combine a naturally breath-taking London skyline view, with a beautiful, ecological as well as functional garden, you really are creating a space where people will want to spend time.

Why build a rooftop garden?

Urban London can be a daunting place when you spend all day, every day in it. Office buildings are a veritable home for so many workers these days, and a green, natural space, where they can feel the sun on their face would be a very welcome idea. But you needn’t stop there. Yes, it can be a place where your workers take a break, but it can also be a place where visitors, clients and customers can also relax and take refreshment. Perhaps with a little construction, you could even turn an area of your rooftop garden into a meeting room or extended cafeteria.

Popular places to install include:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Offices
  • Department stores
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Hotels and spas
  • Luxury residential properties

Soft landscaping on a rooftop garden

At PLC we believe that practically any soft landscaping architecture that can be created at ground level, can also spring to life on your rooftop!

  • Plants
  • Trees
  • Decking / non slip flooring / fencing and safety rails
  • Seating
  • Constructions: sheds, pergolas, gazebos, rooftops and more
  • Turfing
  • Water features

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