Terrific Turfing

Providing a Smart Lawn Area for Immediate Effect

Turfing is the best way to provide an instant lawn.  It can produce an immediately sustainable and healthy lawn.

It is important to review and consider the substrate upon which the turf will be laid and prepare the surface to the best effect.  Then it is essential to prepare the ground properly and use the correct soil type to level the area.

We only provide good quality topsoil from a known source, which will be free from stones, contaminants and rubbish.  Then we always use quality turf for a combination of an attractive yet durable finish.  Our process includes:

  • Remove any existing grass plus stones and weeds
  • Remove any unwanted material and foreign bodies
  • Rotavate the area, excavate and rake
  • Ensure area is levelled using quality top soil
  • Lay quality turf to your choice and budget

Whilst turf can be laid at any time of the year, provided the ground is not frozen, waterlogged or very dry, the best time to lay turf is the spring or autumn when the underlying soil will be at the perfect soft texture and there is usually the correct balance of sun and rain.  Although summer months are not ideal, it is still possible to lay turf. Although the soil must be well watered afterwards to make sure there is enough moisture to help the grass grow.

It is possible to lay turf during the winter but the growth can be restricted. Therefore, it is best to wait until the winter frosts have passed and plant in the spring, giving the lawn enough time to establish before the summer.

When new turf has been laid, it is important to look after it during the first weeks. Our aftercare service will ensure that your turf is then nurtured to ensure that it becomes established and achieves the finish you need.

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