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Tree Planting & Installation Services

At Panoramic our teams are trained to plant your trees in a professional and safe manner. Whilst we can install trees all year round, there are advantages, including from a cost perspective, to scheduling tree planting during the autumn and winter months.

During the coldest months of the year, trees and shrubs are in a dormant state.  As a result, they need less maintenance and watering after planting. Spring and early summer provide optimum growing conditions, allowing the opportunity for root systems to become established.

From our perspective, the soil is also usually moist and so easier to dig, making our job easier!  However, we have to avoid planting if the ground is frozen or very waterlogged.

In the colder months, we can plant root-balled trees and shrubs, which have been lifted straight from the ground and can be purchased more cost effectively without pots. They have a solid soil ball at the base and so are prepared ready for planting fairly soon after delivery.  However, they cannot be used in the summer as the root ball has a tendency to quickly dry out in the warmer weather.

We can also plant trees and shrubs in the mid to late spring and summer, the warmer months, although we then have to use containerised trees and plants, costing more to procure and taking longer to install.  These have more soil around the roots, which will stay damp for longer.  The roots tend to be bigger and so are hardier in the drier conditions.

We have a team of large tree installation and planting specialists on hand to deliver an array of tree planting and maintenance services.  Trees provide a perfect focal point for your landscapes and green spaces and make for an impressive addition for green areas.  Our experts ensure that large trees are installed with minimum disruption and with the skill and expertise to make sure they last for years to come, in particular taking care to ensure that the root area will allow appropriate irrigation and growth.

We undertake a range of bespoke tree planting services across a many market sectors including streets, retail parks, schools, hospitals and at residential and commercial developments.  It is important to ensure that trees are planted correctly to make sure that they flourish and so we often use root and irrigation systems.

Whether planting trees in a wide and open landscape or a city street or parking area, we will ensure that preparations are made so that the tree can become established. As a result your trees will not wither and die, they will grow and thrive.

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