Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance Service from PLC

PLC are proud to offer experienced and highly motivated grounds maintenance teams to a number of different sites in London and the South East of England. We take care of multiple sites, as well “one off” jobs and temporary contracts.

Grounds maintenance can include so many different tasks that it becomes difficult to list them all. We have attempted to provide you with a non-exhaustive list of what our operatives are capable of. There will perhaps be other tasks that pertain to your particular requirements, and we are of course happy to discuss these with you. It’s highly doubtful that there’s anything we haven’t done before in this area.

Client Satisfaction

It is our aim to ensure client satisfaction by providing a consistently excellent service. Not only are all of our operatives experienced in all areas of grounds maintenance, we also try wherever possible to use the same teams for their respective contracts, so they get to know the areas in which they work much better. A maintenance team that works regular contracts on the same sites, soon get to know their job inside out. Their familiarity with their work environment allows them to be much better equipped to identify and deal with unforeseen tasks that may arise.

Common Grounds Maintenance Tasks

Grass cutting and lawn care

Most grounds maintenance contracts require grass trimming and strimming etc. In addition to this there is also regular lawn care to consider, in order to keep the green areas of your site healthy and beautiful. All of our staff are suitably trained in lawn care.


This is a perennial problem in green spaces of course, especially where you have flower beds and herbaceous borders. Our operatives will ensure that weeding takes place at regular intervals so that the aesthetics of your sites are not affected. We will always use the most cost-effective solutions, but in some areas it may be appropriate to use powerful, more permanent solutions to prevent regrowth.

Trimming, pruning and tree surgery

Hedges, shrubs, plants and trees all need trimming and pruning and shaping from time to time. Hedges will need more regular trimming in the warmer months of course, but it’s important to have someone taking care of other growth, including trees. We have specialist tree surgeons and the appropriate equipment to take care of these tasks for you safely and efficiently.


Our operatives are more than capable of taking care of your seasonal bulb planting requirements. It’s not always practical to replant all the time we know, and we are more than happy to help you choose a selection of bulbs that will give you excellent coverage, as well as looking visually stunning.

General maintenance: driveways, paths, car parks etc.

Cleaning paving and driveways, removal of leaves and debris, and general maintenance in these public spaces is important for pedestrian and vehicular safety. We have the appropriate tools and machinery to do this quickly and efficiently and can schedule regular checks to ensure things stay in good order.

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