Month: June 2021

Caring For Your New Lawn

  New turf must be kept moist until it has become fully established. If it does not rain frequently after the turf has been laid and/or during hot, dry or windy conditions you may have to water the new lawn twice or even three times a day.     Also, water immediately at any sign of… Read more »

Recent Work Wins

  Reflecting the wide variety of soft landscaping projects we are now working on, from schools to supermarkets to sports centres, some of our recent wins include: • Another school secured for Bowmer & Kirkland, who kindly continue to trust us with their soft landscaping. • Soft landscaping on further hotel projects for Conamar and Acheson… Read more »

Green Screen – Instant Hedge

  We have recently finished an interesting project on a Tesco’s fuel forecourt at Canada Water in the London Docklands, where we have installed green screens. These provide an instant and immediately attractive hedge-like visual barrier around the site.     The project was completed in just two weeks from initial order to completion, working with… Read more »

The Best Time To Turf

  Turf can be laid at any time of the year, provided the ground is not frozen, waterlogged or very dry. However, the best time to lay turf is Spring or Autumn when the soil is at the perfect soft texture.     To lay turf in the Spring, ideally, the soil needs to be moist…. Read more »