Month: June 2023

Panoramic Promotion


New Contract Manager – Same Great Staff

As a growing company we are committed to continued improvement to ensure we sustain the high quality of service we currently deliver. Part of this is achieved by expanding the team and promoting from within.

Over the past few months, we have seen a large increase in the volume of works being won and we are now actively seeing multiple large projects ongoing simultaneously. It was therefore appropriate to appoint a new manager to help streamline operations as we continue to expand and work on these large projects.



We strive to reward those who continue to work hard for the company and that is where our ‘promote within’ initiative derives from. We are therefore pleased to welcome Alfie Winter to the management team.

Alfie comes with years of experience within commercial landscaping and has worked his way through the ranks from operative to foreman to supervisor and now to management. We believe that with the experience and drive that Alfie has, he will quickly cement himself as a key member of the management team.


Making Movements at Mole Business Park


Soft landscaping works to support the expanded business centre.

As part of the Mole Business Park expansion project headed by Collins Construction – which saw new steel-framed office and warehouse buildings erected along with additional parking spaces, there was a need for new soft landscaping works.

The soft landscaping, designed by Turkington Martin was set out to complement the existing surroundings whilst maintaining an understanding of the practical function. Jackie Hynes, our Business Development Manager secured this project for the team.

Works began in January 2023 overseen by foreman Mandi Bushaj and involved the use of specified subsoil placement to form a free-draining structure to support the planting of beds and topsoil. We ensured the beds had sufficient planting depths to sustain the volume of planting required to allow settlement and amelioration.



The team completed on-site in March 2023 after having planted:

  • 7,000 plants
  • 22 trees

Meticulous site planning allowed for the space to be broken down into smaller phases – helping to ensure planting gaps were consistent and to address the slight changes in construction on site alongside the main contractor and design team.

The success of the installation draws from the communication of the site team involved and the allowance by our client to plan and implement with clear open space. A good job all round.


To discuss similar and other soft landscaping projects with our team, or to obtain a quotation, please contact us.