Month: April 2023

Going to Ground


Expanding our Grounds Maintenance Services

To date, for the majority of the soft landscaping projects we complete, we include an ongoing site maintenance service, usually for the first twelve months. This ensures that the turf or seed, plants, and trees, can establish themselves and flourish under our care to provide an attractive landscape for the future. We are now offering a similar service to any site or facility needing ongoing care.

Our grounds maintenance services can include tasks such as grass cutting, trimming, and strimming plus lawn care. Also, regular weeding so that the aesthetics of your sites are not affected, pruning, and shaping of hedges, shrubs, plants, and trees plus planting including of seasonal bulbs.



We have the appropriate tools and machinery to do all of this quickly and efficiently and can schedule regular visits to ensure your gardens and grounds continue to look good.

Panoramic provide experienced and highly motivated grounds maintenance teams to sites in London and the South East. To discuss your grounds maintenance and other landscape care needs with our team, or to obtain a quotation, please contact us.


Preparing Plots in Peacehaven


Working with Boutique Modern to help deliver a modern and landscaped Cripps Avenue for Lewes District Council.

Boutique Modern were appointed by the council to deliver hundreds of council homes across the Lewes district and the local area, including for a new set of homes on Cripps Avenue in Peacehaven.

They specialise in high-quality, sustainably built, affordable housing that is manufactured offsite before the completed homes are transported and installed onsite, reducing the impact on the environment and the build-time of developments whilst also ensuring quality and certainty of cost.

Our business development manager @DanTrendall secured the contract. This is our first time working with Boutique Modern and it has been a smooth project.  This is due to the good relations we have built with the client, our talented grounds team and our foreman on site @JamesHead, who is overseeing the project. Completion is anticipated to be just around the corner.



Works began in December 2022 and across these past four months, we have provided and installed:

  • More than 600 tons of topsoil
  • More than 1,000 tons of subsoil
  • A selection of trees around the site
  • Over 1,000m of turf and Meadow Mixture seed mix.
  • Over 4,000 individual shrubs and hedging plants consisting of edible plants, native hedging, climbers, and many others.

To discuss similar and other soft landscaping projects with our team, or to obtain a quotation, please contact us.