Month: March 2024

Transforming the ‘Hanging Gardens’ of Basingstoke


Basingstoke, a town in Hampshire, England, boasts more than just its historical charm and convenient location. Nestled within its boundaries lies a unique architectural gem – Mountbatten House, also known as the “Hanging Gardens of Basingstoke”.

Originally named Gateway House, this six-story building was constructed in the 1970s for paper manufacturer, Wiggins Teape. What truly sets Mountbatten House apart are its cascading roof terraces, designed by renowned horticulturist James Russell. These lush green spaces not only add a touch of nature to the urban landscape but also contribute to the building’s environmental sustainability.

Currently undergoing renovations, Mountbatten House is poised for an exciting future. The project aims to create a green workspace, incorporating modern amenities while preserving the building’s heritage and unique character. It is set to become one of the greenest workspaces in the southeast of England, attracting businesses seeking a sustainable and inspiring work environment.



We are tasked with supporting this big venture. With work due to begin in just a few weeks, we are busy making provisions. During our time on site, we will:

  • plant 88 trees across a variety of levels including terraces.
  • install a variety of gardens to add versatility and personality to the open spaces (these gardens will allow us to plant a wide variety of species of trees, shrubs, and plants).
    • a garden designed for the winter
    • a Japanese-themed garden
    • a vine-covered garden

This is an exciting project for us. We will post again during the work and again once the project is complete. Please be sure to follow us on LinkedIn if you are not already to be on top of the latest updates in the industry and with Panoramic Landscapes.