Moving It at Morrisons

Planting 2,500 Shrubs in a Day for Princebuild
The team had a brilliant day this week managing to set out and plant an impressive 2,500 shrubs in one visit.  This also included excavating the planting beds and laying topsoil.



This is our first project working with Princebuild, providing soft landscaping for a new Morrisons supermarket in Little Clacton on the Essex coast.

The works to the whole site consists of planting 19 trees, including double staking and irrigation, over 5,500 shrubs, preparing for and sowing over 500m² of wildflower seed, topsoiling, mulching and the installation of 13 bat and bird boxes.

Check back here soon for some photographs and further information on the finished project. For a speedy solution for your next soft landscaping project please contact us.