Timing for Turfing


The time of year chosen to lay turf can significantly impact the success of the lawn. Optimal timing ensures that the lawn has the best possible start and will establish strong roots, resulting in healthy and vigorous growth. Additionally, laying turf at the right time of the year helps to prevent issues such as grass drying out or being exposed to frost, which can harm the growth and overall health of the lawn.


The Best Time to Lay Turf

While turf can be laid at any time of the year, the ideal time to do it is during Spring or Autumn. During these seasons, the soil is typically at the right softness level, and there is a good balance of sunlight and rainfall.



Laying Turf in Spring

Spring is an excellent time to lay turf, particularly in April and May. The ground should be moist, but not too wet, before laying the turf. If the soil is dry, it should be watered beforehand to ensure it is moist enough to encourage early growth. Once the turf is laid, it is crucial to keep it well-watered to prevent it from drying out. Watering the lawn in the early morning or evening is best to avoid evaporation.


Laying Turf in Autumn

Autumn, particularly September and October, is considered the best time to lay turf. During this time, there is the perfect balance of heat and rain, which helps the lawn establish strong roots. Laying turf in November is also possible, but there is still the risk of the occasional significant frost. The advantage of laying turf in Autumn is that the lawn will have six months to settle in and grow before the following summer.


By following the guidelines above, you can achieve a healthy and beautiful lawn that will last. For further information or to commission Panoramic to lay and look after your new lawn please contact us.