Urban Trees in Towns & Cities Have a Positive Impact

Most people are aware of the many social and environmental benefits that trees provide. However, these are multiplied when planted in urban areas.

Trees make a positive visual contribution to any landscape. In addition, they help to improve air quality and combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere, so offsetting and regulating greenhouse gases, to combat important climate damage.



A simple mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of over twenty kilograms per year. In addition, trees also remove and store other harmful pollutants, so improving air quality, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and particulates, sulphur dioxide, nickel and lead.

Trees also counter the effects of climate change by providing shade, and by the transpiration of water, help reduce ambient temperatures and combat urban flooding. They also have beneficial effects on the physical and psychological wellbeing of the local population. This includes cutting noise pollution and urban wind tunnel effects by reducing wind speeds.

As trees planted in urban environments provide so many benefits, it is essential that they are planted in a way that will ensure their long term survival. For advice on tree selection and planting techniques please contact us.