Supporting and Sponsoring a Local Team


We are proud to be sponsoring the kit for the veteran players at Battle Town Football Club.

Battle Town Football Club are based in the historic town of Battle. They manage a couple of teams including their Veteran’s Football group. Aimed for men aged 35 and over, it provides a space for players who may be out of the league of slightly younger players but still enjoy the game just as much. The team are part of the Hastings Veteran’s League and matches are played once a month on Sundays.



We take pride in supporting local events and causes where possible and so jumped at the opportunity of sponsoring the kit for the next season. We would like to thank local kit providers and printers – Macron Sports Hub in Hastings. The kit looks great.


Memorable Memorial Gardens


Landscaped gardens at a brand-new memorial park and crematorium in Faversham.

Late last year, contractors WWMartin were awarded the Design & Build contract for a brand-new crematorium facility located in woodland on the outskirts of Faversham, Kent.



Our Business Development Manager Jackie Hynes managed to secure the soft landscaping works with us starting activities on site in February 2023. We are pleased to say we have finished on schedule. This is thanks to the hard work of the team who were on site and our foreman Oleg Medulics who managed the project from start to finish.


Another larger project, with the installation works consisting of:

  • 217 trees
  • Over 4,000 ornamental shrubs
  • Over 3,000 native hedgerow plants
  • Over 1,000 bulbs
  • Over 3,000m of turf
  • Aquatic plants to the ponds


The new Memoria Faversham & Mid Kent Memorial Park & Crematorium offers cremation facilities and the Garden of Remembrance which we helped bring to fruition. The site boasts manicured gardens and relaxing country views in a beautifully landscaped setting.

We are pleased to have been able to meet the vision set out by the client. To discuss similar and other soft landscaping projects with our team, or to obtain a quotation, please contact us.


Panoramic Promotion


New Contract Manager – Same Great Staff

As a growing company we are committed to continued improvement to ensure we sustain the high quality of service we currently deliver. Part of this is achieved by expanding the team and promoting from within.

Over the past few months, we have seen a large increase in the volume of works being won and we are now actively seeing multiple large projects ongoing simultaneously. It was therefore appropriate to appoint a new manager to help streamline operations as we continue to expand and work on these large projects.



We strive to reward those who continue to work hard for the company and that is where our ‘promote within’ initiative derives from. We are therefore pleased to welcome Alfie Winter to the management team.

Alfie comes with years of experience within commercial landscaping and has worked his way through the ranks from operative to foreman to supervisor and now to management. We believe that with the experience and drive that Alfie has, he will quickly cement himself as a key member of the management team.


Making Movements at Mole Business Park


Soft landscaping works to support the expanded business centre.

As part of the Mole Business Park expansion project headed by Collins Construction – which saw new steel-framed office and warehouse buildings erected along with additional parking spaces, there was a need for new soft landscaping works.

The soft landscaping, designed by Turkington Martin was set out to complement the existing surroundings whilst maintaining an understanding of the practical function. Jackie Hynes, our Business Development Manager secured this project for the team.

Works began in January 2023 overseen by foreman Mandi Bushaj and involved the use of specified subsoil placement to form a free-draining structure to support the planting of beds and topsoil. We ensured the beds had sufficient planting depths to sustain the volume of planting required to allow settlement and amelioration.



The team completed on-site in March 2023 after having planted:

  • 7,000 plants
  • 22 trees

Meticulous site planning allowed for the space to be broken down into smaller phases – helping to ensure planting gaps were consistent and to address the slight changes in construction on site alongside the main contractor and design team.

The success of the installation draws from the communication of the site team involved and the allowance by our client to plan and implement with clear open space. A good job all round.


To discuss similar and other soft landscaping projects with our team, or to obtain a quotation, please contact us.


Seeding New Life in Southwark


Rejuvenation of the inner-city space at Tissington Court.

We were recently appointed by repeat client Guildmore to carry out the soft landscaping works for the grounds surrounding Tissington Court in the Silverlock estate in Southwark.

Tissington Court, an existing building is being redeveloped to provide 35 properties for social rent, 14 one bed flats, 12 two bed flats, and 9 three bed flats. The rejuvenation project includes the redevelopment of the landscaped grounds which is where we come in.



Our business development manager Dan Trendall has been overseeing this project and the soft landscaping works which included the implementation of:

  • 40+ trees including multistems.
  • 700+ hedging plants.
  • 4000+ plants including shrubs, herbaceous, climber, grasses, and more.
  • 500m² of turfing.


The Panoramic Landscapes team worked efficiently under the supervision of our Foreman Alfie Winter and have now completed the first phase of what will be a larger project.

To discuss similar and other soft landscaping projects with our team, or to obtain a quotation, please contact us.


Going to Ground


Expanding our Grounds Maintenance Services

To date, for the majority of the soft landscaping projects we complete, we include an ongoing site maintenance service, usually for the first twelve months. This ensures that the turf or seed, plants, and trees, can establish themselves and flourish under our care to provide an attractive landscape for the future. We are now offering a similar service to any site or facility needing ongoing care.

Our grounds maintenance services can include tasks such as grass cutting, trimming, and strimming plus lawn care. Also, regular weeding so that the aesthetics of your sites are not affected, pruning, and shaping of hedges, shrubs, plants, and trees plus planting including of seasonal bulbs.



We have the appropriate tools and machinery to do all of this quickly and efficiently and can schedule regular visits to ensure your gardens and grounds continue to look good.

Panoramic provide experienced and highly motivated grounds maintenance teams to sites in London and the South East. To discuss your grounds maintenance and other landscape care needs with our team, or to obtain a quotation, please contact us.


Preparing Plots in Peacehaven


Working with Boutique Modern to help deliver a modern and landscaped Cripps Avenue for Lewes District Council.

Boutique Modern were appointed by the council to deliver hundreds of council homes across the Lewes district and the local area, including for a new set of homes on Cripps Avenue in Peacehaven.

They specialise in high-quality, sustainably built, affordable housing that is manufactured offsite before the completed homes are transported and installed onsite, reducing the impact on the environment and the build-time of developments whilst also ensuring quality and certainty of cost.

Our business development manager @DanTrendall secured the contract. This is our first time working with Boutique Modern and it has been a smooth project.  This is due to the good relations we have built with the client, our talented grounds team and our foreman on site @JamesHead, who is overseeing the project. Completion is anticipated to be just around the corner.



Works began in December 2022 and across these past four months, we have provided and installed:

  • More than 600 tons of topsoil
  • More than 1,000 tons of subsoil
  • A selection of trees around the site
  • Over 1,000m of turf and Meadow Mixture seed mix.
  • Over 4,000 individual shrubs and hedging plants consisting of edible plants, native hedging, climbers, and many others.

To discuss similar and other soft landscaping projects with our team, or to obtain a quotation, please contact us.


Timing for Turfing


The time of year chosen to lay turf can significantly impact the success of the lawn. Optimal timing ensures that the lawn has the best possible start and will establish strong roots, resulting in healthy and vigorous growth. Additionally, laying turf at the right time of the year helps to prevent issues such as grass drying out or being exposed to frost, which can harm the growth and overall health of the lawn.


The Best Time to Lay Turf

While turf can be laid at any time of the year, the ideal time to do it is during Spring or Autumn. During these seasons, the soil is typically at the right softness level, and there is a good balance of sunlight and rainfall.



Laying Turf in Spring

Spring is an excellent time to lay turf, particularly in April and May. The ground should be moist, but not too wet, before laying the turf. If the soil is dry, it should be watered beforehand to ensure it is moist enough to encourage early growth. Once the turf is laid, it is crucial to keep it well-watered to prevent it from drying out. Watering the lawn in the early morning or evening is best to avoid evaporation.


Laying Turf in Autumn

Autumn, particularly September and October, is considered the best time to lay turf. During this time, there is the perfect balance of heat and rain, which helps the lawn establish strong roots. Laying turf in November is also possible, but there is still the risk of the occasional significant frost. The advantage of laying turf in Autumn is that the lawn will have six months to settle in and grow before the following summer.


By following the guidelines above, you can achieve a healthy and beautiful lawn that will last. For further information or to commission Panoramic to lay and look after your new lawn please contact us.


Making The Connection in Swindon


Lining the new Southern Connector Road with trees, shrubs, and seeding.

The team here at Panoramic Landscapes were recently awarded the work for the soft landscaping lining the Southern Connector Road in Swindon, which is currently in development

Congratulations go to Jackie Hynes, our Business Development Manager, Jackie worked with our Client Buckingham Group to ensure the transition to the operations team allowed a great start to the project.

The Southern Connector Road is a two-way single carriageway that is one and a half miles long and will provide a vital link between the New Eastern Villages and the roundabout near the Great Western Hospital. Further details on the project including the planning documentation can be found on the Swindon Borough Council website.



Our on-site teams began work on January 23rd, 2023, and have already made great progress. Over the course of their time in Swindon, they are scheduled to plant over 800 trees, 40,000 shrubs and hedging, and more than 98,000 square metres of seeding. The site is being overseen by our experienced Site Foreman – Thomas Childerhouse.

To discuss with the team or to obtain a quotation on your next soft landscaping project, please contact us.


Growing in 2023!


Annual Conference – Being the Best

On Wednesday 25th January, we held our annual conference for all Panoramic Landscape staff. It was the perfect chance for us to all come together and discuss the next steps for the company as we continue to grow.

As we enter our fourth year in business, our management and site supervisors left with clear company objectives, motivated and full of enthusiasm for making 2023 the best yet.



The conference was hosted by Tom Christopher from Stirling Training Consultants who ensured the day ran to precision form start to finish. The event was a huge success with everyone enjoying and contributing to a phenomenal outcome.

Thank you to all attendees and their contributions. It was a great day and one that will be remembered for some time to come. If you need a high achieving soft landscaping contractor and have a project that will contribute to our growth, please contact us.